Disruptive unification

Circus Andersom is a unifying disruptive organisation aiming to increase social sustainability in the world. We initiate and develop (art)projects aiming to change people’s perception of the habitual and the seemingly obvious. From the calmness that comes with not knowing, we try to create new movement. We are not afraid to create some friction or to take on a confronting position in our projects, because we don’t believe in a society stuck in stereotypical thinking.


Numerous projects have been added to collections of companies and individuals. These are existing works designed specifically for a particular location. Furthermore, we sell publications and other graphic prints arising from our projects.


We established various initiatives, which are all based on their own policy, design and purpose. We view these projects as different acts having their own place in Circus Andersom. It’s important to us not to solely respond to external questions but to develop and design our own ideas and introduce them to the world as well. The initiatives on this page are mostly continually active and we are always looking for new collaborations and participants.


Based on our background in graphic design we love to work in commission at extraordinary locations, using our insight and expertise. We work for museums, semi- public institutions and more and more often for private companies as well. It could concern projects for which an art piece is required, but we also initiate interactive processes in which visitors or those concerned become part of the project itself.


The workshops we provide often grow from experience gained in autonomous projects. We offer our existing workshops for bookings and welcome the opportunity to develop new workshops for specific events or occasions as well.

In addition to hosting workshops, we have experience in art education. In 2014 we collaborated with TAAK to set up a Masters programme at Sandberg Institute. During this Cure Master we research the transformative power of injury and illness.

Lastly, we lecture regularly about our work, specific projects or the outcome of finalised research.