About us

When in doubt about the world, give the world the benefit of the doubt.

We initiate and develop (art)projects aiming to change people’s perception of the habitual and the seemingly obvious. From the calmness that comes with not knowing, we try to create new movement. We are not afraid to create some friction because we don’t believe in a society stuck in stereotypical thinking.

Circus Andersom works from a universal spirituality and an open-minded, open-hearted, relaxed and joyful mind-set. Circus Andersom is run by Allard Medema, Linda Koene, Esmé Calis, Nikki Loef and Martijn Engelbregt.

Allard Medema


Martijn Engelbregt

Creative Director

Linda Koene


Jonas Viteri Fernández


Florien Bakker

Former intern

Juliet Ulehake

Former intern