Aardig.nu asks people to reconnect with the earth by literally shaking its hand.

On 12 May 2011 Aardig.nu was at the MuziekGebouw during the presentation of the Van Praag Prize by the Humanistisch Verbond (“Humanist Society”) in order to allow the audience actively to shake hands with the earth. On 20 and 28 November 2009, Aardig.nu was at the Polderplein shopping centre in Hoofddorp during the Doe gewoon eens lekker duurzaam demonstration (“Let’s get sustainable”).

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Stan Meuwese / 65 / Amstelveen / 05-24-2011 Give the Earth a hand and feel the worth of the sand.

Petra Hoogerwerf / 41 / Amsterdam / 05-24-2011 Earth, be breezy, fiery and supple.

Marleen / 33 / Amsterdam / 05-19-2011 Carefully follow the road with the least resistance and confidence will cross your path (Chinese proverb) – devised by me.