BANG! is a life-sized get-lost-machine where your BANG level determines what you will encounter inside. During the Zomerparkfeest festival in Venlo, visitors wandered around and were surprised by various experiences, such as a giant maze, a boxing session for venting under the main stage, or letting your hair down at the smallest disco in the Netherlands.

Commissioned by: Zomerparkfeest Venlo
Date: 14 – 17 August 2014
Our thanks to the volunteers: Sanne Lubbers, Bastiaan Bervoets, Allard Medema, Marinus Schraal, Lotte Kruitbosch, Yvonne van Jansbeken, Evelien Habets, Lotte van Bergen, Josje Canters, Richarda van Kasbergen, Bernard Brown, Remco Beucken, Frans Klein, Anna Kleintjens, Glenni, Nina van der Werf, Yvonne Siderius, Caroline Verstappen, Bert Verstappen, Bastienne van Dijck, Ans Driessen

Getting lost in the park? That’s exactly the idea at BANG: those who go off the beaten track will have an exceptional experience. There’s a red arch on the festival grounds that says GET LOST. If you walked through it, you were subjected to a (sometimes physical) test. After the test, the visitor would be confronted with one of the four available experiences. You could end up at the Smallest Disco in the Netherlands, for instance, where you could go completely nuts for 10 minutes.

You could also slough off excess energy under the mainstage, where the space had been made to look like a boxing ring. Visitors could also get completely lost in our giant maze, and some were blindfolded and put in a van where various intimate theatre, dance and music performances were given in special locations such as a wine cellar, the banks of the river Maas, or a deserted chapel.