Get lost

At the invitation of Pameijer and Kunsthal Rotterdam, Martijn Engelbregt has realised an art installation on the subject of preconceptions and ‘being normal’.

The installation by artist Martijn Engelbregt also focuses on cliche images, preconceived ideas and pigeonholing. Visitors are able to confront their own preconceived ideas in this prominent artwork that he has made specially for the exhibition. Engelbregt has created an environment that creates confusion and poses questions.

Made icw Femke Hameetman from MuseumLab, Jannet de Goede en Jan Moerer from Kunsthal,Rob van der Bijl from Vanderbijlbouw and Nikki Laros.

Photos: Nikki Laros, Arjan Kempen, Frank Kremer and Martijn Engelbregt.