W.V.U.E.D.U.G.W.O.D.P.?. is made possible by FONDS BKVB. Met hulp van Appie Bood, Susanne Helmer, Pavel van Houten, Marieke Engelbregt, Raoul Kuiper, Laurens Hebly, Gerbrand Oudenaarden.

For ‘Plein Museum’, accompanied by a microphone and cameraman visitors to Amsterdam’s Museumplein were asked what they thought of being filmed. This was simultaneously shown on a large projection screen erected in the middle of the park. Spectators could watch the screen from a public grandstand while munching popcorn. In addition, someone filmed people with a hidden camera. The reactions were varied, but the question is who this film is really ultimately about, what is the role of the reporter, of the interviewees and the audience in the grandstand? Spectator, subject, maker: they exchange places with one another and end up in a strange, entangled condition.