Medicine Factory Ambulant

Medicine Factory is an accessible art project by Circus Andersom in which health, responsibility, social cohesion and concern for nature and environment meet in a work setting. Medicine Factory is a workshop that is open to the public, where people are given access to the healing powers of nature to make their own medicine based on their personal ailments. In the spring and summer you can find us at 12 different festivals. For more information, visit the Medicine Factory website.

The Medicine Factory was nominated for the Dutch Design Award and selected for the Elisabeth van Thüringen Prize.

This is a workshop lasting approximately 2 hours where a plant expert guides the participants. After a physical exercise and an inventory of any physical or mental ailments the participants are let loose into nature. Under guidance from the plant expert they look for plants or herbs using the method specially developed for these workshops: the Intuitive Approach to Plants (for beginners).