Beter Consortium

BETER conducted a study to measure physiological response of subjects who were looking at art and placebo art. Subjects were placed in a wheelchair, and exposed to a number of diverse artworks and placebo artworks while connected to a device which measures their respiratory rate, perspiration, heart rate, tension in the facial muscles (‘laughing muscles’) and body temperature. The results of the research showed that the respiratory rate, body temperature and heart rate of the subjects who state that they make art themselves decrease significantly lower when they are looking at a work of art than when they are looking at a placebo for art.

In collaboration with TAAK, Medisch Centrum Haaglanden, Natuurvoormensen, TU Delft, Mindmedia, HKU, the Hersencentrum, Museum de Paviljoens and Museum voor Religieuze Kunst. Read more about this project on the website of BETER.