Performance appraisals for freelancers

As a freelancer you are in charge of the way you work. This offers freedom, but also involves responsibilities: you have to reflect on your own performances. You run the risk of making excuses for your shortcomings. You may not realize that you could outsource some aspects of your job to someone else. You might function very reasonably, but you set the bar so high for yourself that it seems like you are doing nothing. How do you determine when you need to work a bit harder or better take a step back?
Because it can be difficult to estimate whether your functioning is optimal, Circus Andersom offers performance appraisals for freelancers. Register via

In a challenging walk of about two hours through the most beautiful dune area we discover together what your pitfalls are, and how you can get even more success. Is it time for further training? A different attitude towards yourself, colleagues, competitors or customers? The focus is on the one hand on improving your work and on the other hand on increasing your personal satisfaction. The performance interviews are tailor-made according to your wishes. For example, if you feel the need to hear that you are doing well on the work floor, we will set up the conversation accordingly. We assume a reciprocal flexibility as the basis of fruitful encounters.