Growth Fire

In the community of Bergen, Noord-Holland, many residents harbour a deep fear of fire, because of the many destructive forest fires that have raged in the dunes in the past years. For the Museum Kranenburgh, we made the Growth Fire installation, which we used to study the uniting power of fire.

The installation consisted of a big heap of wood, from which sound emerged. The sound consisted of a mixture of amateur videos of the forest fires in the community of Bergen. The wood was used to keep a fire basket burning, outside the entrance to the museum.

Visitors could write a personal fear (of fire, or of other things) on a sheet of paper and throw it into the fire upon going outside. By burning the paper, the visitors were symbolically burning their fears, allowing them to warm their hands.

Commissioned by: Museum Kranenburgh
Location: Bergen, Noord Holland
Date: autumn 2013 (opening 9 November 2013)