Intuitive Approach to Art

We developed the Intuitive Approach to Art for the Museum van Bommel van Dam and MILK project space. Visitors of museums and art exhibitions can use this new method to relate to art in a different way. The idea is not to focus on evaluating art, but instead to study how a specific work of art can help you with day-to-day problems.

In addition to the form, we also do a live Intuitive Approach to Art, where the public approaches a work of art together. Would you like to book this workshop for your museum, gallery or private art collection? Send us an

Commissioned by MILK, Amsterdam; Museum van Bommel van Dam, Venlo

Using a step-by-step plan, visitors formulate a personal problem and approach a work of art that appeals to them for emotional reasons. Then the visitor learns to relate to the work of art in a new way.

Before visitors began the approach, they could leave their day-to-day worries behind in a bin full of foam peanuts.

The entrance ritual that we developed for the museum was also available in a miniature version for at home.