PRIMAL © Equisetum Remedy


European legislation prohibits us to inform you on this way about the health benefits and healing powers of PRIMAL© Equisetum Remedy.


The proven active ingredients with medicinal properties in PRIMAL© Equisetum are (basic) minerals (silica, calcium, potassium, iron, manganese, magnesium), trace elements, saponite, alkaloids, tannins, flavonoids and silicic acid.

Equisetum Arvense

PRIMAL© Equisetum Remedy exists for 100% of Equisetum arvense
(in the old-fashioned vernacular Horsetail). Equisetum is a cosmopolitan in temperate and cold regions of the northern hemisphere. It’s a plant that dominated the world before the appearance of modern plants. Peers grew to meters high “trees” that formed coal deposits and the current gas bubbles. During the era of the dinosaurs, this group of plants was the most common. Greeks used Equisetum arvense to stop the blee-ding, the Romans against rheumatism and gout. The naturopath Sebastian Kneipp used it for the same conditions. Since then, Equisetum arvense generally entered the naturopathy.


PRIMAL© Equisetum is remineralising and helps taking care of joint-problems. PRIMAL© Equisetum helps to heal fractures and enhances the arterial scerlose. PRIMAL© Equisetum promotes calcium absorption and strengthens all the hard parts of the body, teeth, nails, bones and the hair. PRIMAL© Equisetum is also diuretic and can help with various kidney diseases. The hemostatic properties of the plant is working against bleeding, difficult and excessive menstruation cicatrisatie. The PRIMAL© Equisetum Remedy is suitable for chronic cough and to strengthen tendons and ligaments. PRIMAL© Equisetum Remedies also helps for osteoarthritis. External applications are possible for athlete’s foot, osteoporosis and festering wounds. PRIMAL© Equisetum is beneficial for the tissue in the skin and anti-aging. PRIMAL© Equisetum Remedies provides a supportive effect on arthritis. PRIMAL© Equisetum Remedy will also help against wear for various organs as the skin and pancreas and liver. PRIMAL© Equisetum can occur pelvic instability and PRIMAL© Equisetum can prevent baldness after childbirth for the mother. PRIMAL© Equisetum is a way to prevent stretch marks because of the strengthening influence of the subcutaneous tissue. PRIMAL© Equisetum enriches the blood so it’s working against anemia pregnancy. Because of the tannin content prevents PRIMAL© Equisetum prevents heavy bleeding during and after childbirth. PRIMAL© Equisetum may also be used in a mild diuretic way for swollen hands and feet during pregnancy.

100% pure

PRIMAL© Equisetum is a herbal remedy from the active components of the aboveground portion of the sterile Equisetum arvense, without chemical additives such as yeast, gluten, colors, flavors and fragrances or preservatives. The shell of the PRIMAL© Equisetum capsules are 100% plant origin. The production is under strict quality control. PRIMAL© Equisetum is traceable to the source.