Every day more than 35 % of our food is thrown away, uneaten. This situation seems no longer sustainable at a time when many are suffering from hunger and we are quickly and increasingly exhausting the Earth. Luckily, there is good news: waste can be eaten!

Edible waste can be found on all levels of the food chain: on farms, in factories, at wholesalers, during transportation, in shops and households. In the summer of 2008, Art Project Rest. investigated how things could be done differently. During the Art Event Beelden op den Berg in Wageningen, I opened Rest., an open-air restaurant where food, social cohesion and care and concern for nature and the environment gather round the table.

We picked up leftover food at wholesalers, shops, market stalls, households, allotments and small farmholders. On Sunday we organized “herb hunts”. Many of the plants we consider a nuisance are actually full of nourishment and extremely tasty.

Chef Miguel Brugman used the leftovers to create exotic lunches. This book is an account of Rest., but also serves to encourage you to get creative with leftovers and weeds yourself. Every day your own Rest!

Pictures with the process.

Articles about Rest. in english.

Rest. is a project of EGBG • martijn engelbregt en Miguel Brugman, for EXOTEN, Beelden op de Berg, organised by Kim Knoppers icw Chiara van den Berg.