Shop for Neighbours

The Shop for Neighbours is a mobile shop filled with products specially developed for situations involving neighbours, from deep-pile slippers to welcoming doorway parties, from YES-YES stickers to wiedergutmachung presents. Shop for Neighbours spreads neighbour-awareness from door to door and from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. In a time where norms and values seem to be the exclusive domain of policy makers, Shop for Neighbours hands back responsibility to the neighbours themselves. Indeed, having neighbours is the first step in shaping a society.

Shop for Neighbours was developed in collaboration with designers from the Sandberg Institute. During the Liefde in de stad (“Love in the city”) festival, organized by Paradiso, Shop for Neighbours toured through various neighbourhoods in Amsterdam for three weeks. In spring 2008, Shop for Neighbours travelled through three other large cities. The selection on offer at Shop for Neighbours is conceived of and produced in large part by the inhabitants of neighbourhoods where Shop for Neighbours will sell its wares.

For more information, visit the Shop for Neighbours website.